Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Other Projects

After living one month well below the poverty line, I'm ready for a posting frenzy.

As many of you know, I spent the month of January 2009 living below the federal poverty line for a family of six. This was a fun experiment that proved that you can live below the poverty line without government or family assistance. We budgeted in everything from high-speed internet to fabulous dinners. It was a true test of my title, "Home Economist." Now that we're back to living on a normal income, it's time to get back to my glamorous life as a Modern American Housewife.

Here are my current projects:
1. Sewing handbags for friends and family gifts
2. Finding uses for okara (the leftover pulp from making soymilk)
3. Making soymilk
4. Finishing up our years supply of food (it can be done!)
5. Altering our chore routine (no dinner until chores are done)
6. Baking bread, granola, and culturing yogurt

This list explains why I have zero friends. Who wants to have a playdate with someone whose most pressing question is "What else can I mix okara into without my family knowing?" Besides, I stink at playdates.

I'll be posting a link to an interview I had recently on the Natural Moms Talk Radio. It's all about homemaking and being a homemaker. Stay tuned!