Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Day in the Life of a Modern American Housewife

What ever happened to the Modern American Housewife?

Here I the dream, sans the high heels, pressed frock and coiffed hair. Here I am, baking fresh cookies, doing laundry, scrubbing toilets, and keeping the peace. And not necessarily in that order.

I am a rare breed. Though somewhat isolated and a teeny bit crazy, I enjoy what I do and take the art of homemaking seriously. I believe that happiness is a warm bun, that cleanliness is next to impossible. I believe that by small
means the Lord can bring about great things. I believe that the hand that rocks the cradle needs a little rock 'n' roll once in a while.

Being a full-time homemaker brings opportunities to expand talents and abilities. As one of my friends asks, "What's your thing this week, Heather?" And I promise, every time she asks, I'm doing something new. The purpose of my blog is to chronicle those daily discoveries and share them with other homemakers.

So, what ever did happened to the Modern American Housewife? She doth not slumber, neither doth she sleep. She's is alive and kickin'! And up to her elbows in cookie dough, soggy diapers, laundry soap and toilet bowl cleaner. (Am I right, ladies?)

And not necessarily in that order.

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