Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Get Rich Quick Homemaker Schemes

I don't know many homemakers who have heaps of extra time to "stuff envelopes and make $$$" or "get paid for shopping!" There are offers all over the World Wide Web that are targeted toward the domesticus vulgaris. Pity de po' foo' who falls for those get-rich-quick schemes.

Honestly, I barely have time to shower and smear on some concealer and lip balm, let alone spend hours stuffing envelopes.

But what bothers me is the fact that smarmy, creepy business folk out there seem to think that homemakers are dripping with free time and are desperate for an extra $16.50 every month.

Homemakers' time is valuable. As our financial adviser, Dave Ramsey, likes to say, "We don't do get-rich-quick. We do get-rich-slow. And it's not a scheme." Part of your job as a home economist is to manage the money flow. And as you manage it wisely, you will see the value of being a homemaker.

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miranda said...

Good point! And the stuffing envelopes is a scam of the highest order. They have machines that do it for much less...It's really just a scheme.

And there are tons of them out there, from taking surveys to all sorts of other things. It is important to check these promises of riches since most of them are too good to be true.

And true wealth is built over time.